"Constructing Roads for
the Future of Liberia"
Truck Specifications
30 US Ton (27215.542 kilo)
12 Cubic Yards Capacity
Mack RD686 Dump Trucks

General Terms & Conditions for Rental
The equipment will only be used for the scope of work as
defined in the contract.
The equipment will be operated solely and exclusively by
Gray Construction Corporation employees.
The equipment will not be abused in any manner.
The standard working period shall be defined as Monday
through Friday from 8am to 6pm
The equipment will be returned and parked in the Gray
Construction Office Compound at the end of each workday.*
(*unless other arrangements have been approved in advance and agreed upon in writing)
Gray Construction will maintain the equipment, registration,
and insurance.
Client will provide the fuel for the equipment, including
transport to and from the Gray Construction Compound.
The company currently owns and maintains a small fleet of heavy equipment,
including 4 Mack RD686 25 ton dump trucks, a Caterpillar D-6 Bulldozer, a
Caterpillar 977 Track Loader, a Caterpillar 966 Front End Loader, a
Caterpillar 920 Front End Loader, and assorted support trucks (fuel, water,
lowboy, etc.).  The equipment rental division maintains and leases heavy
equipment, not currently in use by the construction division, to private
companies, non-governmental organizations, and government entities.


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