"Constructing Roads for
the Future of Liberia"
John C. Hendricks, US Counsel

As an attorney for over 35 years in the Washington
area our US Counsel is in a unique position to
supply materials, capital, and other resources for
the corporation.  His knowledge of international law
and banking will assure a smooth and transparent
flow of capital and equipment from Liberia to the
US and back again.  
Yudu S. Gray, CEO

As former minister of Public Works
for the Republic of Liberia , our
Managing Director and CEO, Yudu
Sie Gray, has an intimate
understanding of the political and
governmental structure within
Liberia .  Mr. Gray’s primary focus
will be negotiating contracts with the
local and international government
agencies.  Additionally he will
personally oversee the engineering
operations included in the
construction company.
Karl E. Hendricks, CFO

With professional training in business,
accounting, sociology, and corporate
law our Chief Financial Officer, Karl
Hendricks, has an authoritative
understanding of control systems,
costs, and corporate structure.  Mr.
Hendricks will focus on keeping costs
under control by minimizing costs and
overruns through the implementation of
strict cash and material control
systems.  Mr. Hendricks will also be in
charge of overseeing payroll,
bookkeeping, and all aspects of the
accounting department.  


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